Millions Missing Day of Action May 12th!

Hello Canadians caring about ME,

This year’s global Missing Millions campaign culminating on Saturday May 12 is going to be bigger than ever since the success of Jen Brea’s award winning documentary Unrest was released at festivals and on Netflix and generated much needed public awareness.

The tide against ME patients is turning and May 12th (Happy 198th Birthday Florence Nightingale!) is crucial to keeping our momentum of public attention and political pressure growing.

With so many in the ME community too sick to leave their beds let alone their homes, people with ME are often invisible. One of our challenges is to be heard…and seen. With that in mind, this year the global Millions Missing community is using the tagline #canyouseeMEnow?

Each country / region will tailor their campaign to focus on their politicians. Millions Missing Canada will focus our campaign on Prime Minister Trudeau (#CanadianPM or #JustinTrudeau) to bring his attention to the ME crisis in Canada.

And we will be riffing off the ‘canyouseeMEnow?’ concept and sending PM Trudeau video messages from Canadians living with or affected by ME.

This is our chance to speak directly to the one person who has the power to change how the health care system (mis)treats us. Tell him we’d be marching in protests in the streets, but we’re too sick!

The Prime Minister needs to hear and see us if he’s going to make changes for us.

Click here to & send a video message and tell the Prime Minister to help us!

Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about:

  • what your life was like before ME
  • what your life is like now with ME
  • what it’s like to live with ME in a health care system that mostly stigmatizes, ignores and harms people with ME
  • the need to quickly ramp up to the $92 million missing from equitable ME research
  • the need for testing and treatment access, like Ampligen or antivirals like Valcyte.
  • how we need this Prime Minister to step up and take action where previous Prime Ministers for 3 decades have all failed to
    • stop the harm
    • fund the research
    • start the treatment

Millions Missing t-shirts:

Order your #CanadianPM #canyouseeMEnow? shirt from Millions Missing Canada’s store to wear when you video record your message to PM Trudeau.


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